Cyber Monday: How to Get Good Deals on Gifts for Gearheads

Black Friday used to be the biggest shopping day in America. Now that honor belongs to Cyber Monday, as millions upon millions of shoppers trade their four-wheeled shopping carts for digital ones. Is it easier to shop on Cyber Monday? Absolutely—that's why so many have abandoned excursions to the mall on Black Friday. However, easier doesn't always mean easy. Follow these best practices and shopping tips to ensure you nab the best deal possible. (And check out our list of the holiday's top gifts for gearheads, too.)

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20 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips & Tricks

1. Review Sales & Prices from Last Year

Lifecycles on products are usually short, but you can guesstimate what a certain product's price should be based on what it sold for last Cyber Monday. If you can't find last year's physical Cyber Monday flyers, check your email. Software and services like Keepa or CamelCamelCamel can help you out, too.

2. Bookmark Websites

People are inherently forgetful. Organizing your favorite retailers' sites and product pages into bookmarks can keep you sane during this chaotic time of year. You can even separate websites by gift recipient.

3. Add to Your Wishlist

Similarly, if you know you want to get something, adding it to a wishlist—an Amazon wishlist, for example—is a simple way to keep track of Cyber Monday deals and price changes. Some websites will even alert you when items in your wishlist (or cart) change prices, allowing you to jump on the best deal at the best time.

4. Create Google Alerts

Setting up some simple Google Alerts can save you tons of time during the busy holiday season. Let's go over the best ways to create Cyber Monday Google Alerts:

·         {C}Create alerts using quotation marks (example: "Genesis G70" or "Genesis car floor mat")

·         Insert negative (-) signs to exclude words (example: "Genesis" -phil -collins)

·         Make alerts for specific sites (example: "cyber monday" "car bike rack")

·         Create the same alert for each source: news, blog, website, etc.

·         Get price notifications on specific products with the simple "$..$" code (example: "G70 sports pedal $1..$50")

5. Track Social Media

Receive notifications when new Cyber Monday deals are updated or announced by following your favorite retailers' social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the best options, though you may find retailers using Snapchat, Pinterest, or even Reddit (weird, we know).

6. Search Promo Codes

On Cyber Monday, you may be able to get an even better deal on a certain product or service if you check online for promo or coupon codes. Sites like go wild around this time of year.

7. Sign Up for Newsletters

Signing up for a company newsletter usually means signing up for junk mail. On Cyber Monday, it's the exact opposite. Retailers usually begin sending out Cyber Monday emails two weeks before Thanksgiving, so sign up early and check your email inboxes (and junk mail) as Gobble-Gobble Day edges closer.

8. Stock Up on Discount Gift Cards

Did you know you can buy unused gift cards at a discount? Sites like Cardpool and many other clearinghouses offer bargains on perfectly good gift cards from a variety of stores. Just read the fine print first; sometimes gift cards can't be used in combination with Cyber Monday deals.

9. Check Return and Warranty Policies

Before you tap that "Confirm Purchase" button, double-check the retailer's return policy. On Cyber Monday, many stores have special rules in place. For instance, you may need to pay a higher-than-normal restocking fee on returns, or warranties may not be as long due to products being discontinued or sold as refurbished. (Fine print, people!)

10. Follow Your Budget, Not Your Heart

Much like shopping for a new car, shopping for a gift on Cyber Monday should be done with your budget in mind. Don't overextend just because something seems like a "good deal."

11. Compare Prices

Run a price comparison before you decide on a gift. Sites and mobile apps like PriceGrabber can be incredibly useful in a pinch, and since you're shopping online for Cyber Monday, you have more time to compare and find the best deals.

12. Spreadsheets. Use Them.

No one is going to call you a nerd for creating a spreadsheet with product sales information, pricing, and details. You can create tabs for each product; in it, filter everything from site links, prices, price ranges, ratings, shipping costs, shipping times, warranties, and available product varieties.

13. Only Buy on Secure Sites

If you see a deal that's too good to be true, double-check the site's security level. Third-party sites aren't always safe to insert credit card and payment info. It should have SSL certificates (the site should be HTTPS not HTTP) Verisign protection and other types of encryption. If you're on a smartphone, use the retailer's authentic application to purchase products, just to be safe.

14. Late Bird Gets the Worm

Like Black Friday, those who are most dedicated can get the best deal on Cyber Monday. But instead of waking up early, just stay up late. Cyber Monday specials may run for 24 hours or longer, and you can usually get a deal even before the clock strikes midnight on Monday.

15. Join a Loyalty Program

Some stores—usually the larger, big-box retailers—have membership perks and loyalty programs. These can oftentimes lead members to early deals and special promotional pricing on Cyber Monday.

16. Shop Local

You may be comfortable sitting behind a screen, but tons of local brick-and-mortar stores are offering sales on Cyber Monday. Mom-and-pops may even have a better, unadvertised deal on the same product you have in your online shopping cart. If you don't want to leave the comfort of your Snuggie, call to ask.

17. Say "No" to Upsells

Unless your giftee absolutely needs it—like cheap phone insurance on that $800 iPhone—resist the urge to buy an add-on accessory or service. This is the simplest way to stick to your budget, and we'd imagine your gift recipient will be none the wiser.

18. Pay with a Rewards Card

Whether you earn cash back or accrue points for purchases, that credit card of yours can reduce your holiday shopping costs. Flat-rate cash-back cards are generally the best option, though any card that gives you a reward is better than a card that won't. (Just make sure you pay it off immediately to avoid interest!)

19. Shop in Private or Incognito Mode

If you want to avoid seeing ads for "luxury car chargers" for the next year, it's best to shop privately. Changing your browser to “private” or “incognito” to hide your Cyber Monday shopping habits from retailers and marketers will prevent one-time purchases from haunting you across your social media and Google searches.

20. Track Your Credit History & Bank Accounts

Between November and into January, identity theft and credit card fraud runs rampant. Even if you avoid shopping through insecure sites, you may become the victim of either or both. Monitoring your credit profile and all accounts throughout the holiday season will alert you to suspicious activity early enough to make the disaster a little less disastrous.

10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

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1. Genesis G70 Sports Pedals

We wouldn't be a very good Miami Genesis dealer if we didn't recommend G70 Sports Pedals as a Christmas gift. Any G70 owner should have a set, which is made from durable metal and features non-slip rubberized racing accents. There are car accessories; then there are car accessories. This is the latter.

2. Chemical Guys Foam Cannon

The MaxFoam 8 Foam Cannon can be used with nearly any modern pressure washer. It sprays clinging foam that "lubricates" dirt and sand to prevent scratches. Car owners in Miami Beach will love having it.

3. Dashboard Camera

For friends or family members who love their car more than air, an HD dash cam makes a perfect Christmas gift. They range in price, from $50 to $500, and are easy to set up. Check the best-reviewed dashcams at

4. Revell V-8 Engine Kit

Nothing satisfies a gearhead better than building an engine. Revell offers a cool V8 building kit that's perfect for adults and children alike. Users will assemble a quarter-scale V8 (plastic) to see how an internal combustion engine works. Next up: Pit crew.

5. Motorized Coffee

Gearheads whose veins run thick with coffee will love the premium java from Motorized Coffee Company. All coffee beans are hand-selected, roasted to order, and delivered straight to your doorstep. Try the 4-pack Driver's Kit if you want to really be the best Secret Santa. 

6. Handpresso Auto Capsule

What better way to pair that coffee than with a portable Handpresso machine for their car? These on-board coffee makers are extraordinary. They plug straight into a vehicle's 12V plug and can brew a full cup of coffee in as few as 4 minutes. Don't leave home without it.

7. Gent Scents Air Freshener

Hangable pine trees these air fresheners are not. Gent Scents offers subscriptions for their wooden car fresheners, which come in a variety of natural scents, like Sandalwood, Cedar, Teakwood & Tobacco, and Musk. Memberships start at just $7.99 per month, so they make for an affordable, high-end car gift during the holidays.

8. Racing School/Course

The best gift for a speed demon may just be the gift of speed. If they've got a car that can jet, consider registering them for a racing course. Performance Driving Group, for instance, offers opportunities for drivers to take their cars out on legit racetracks, including Homestead Miami Speedway. Pricing for these classes can be as much as $435, so you'd better really love that person.

9. Exotic Car Rental

If your gift recipient doesn't have a race-ready car—and you really don't want to buy one—you can rent out an exotic car for them to test out. From the affordable Genesis G70 to Lamborghinis, Miami has a variety of luxury cars and exotic vehicles. Check or a similar Miami rental location.

10. Flood Guard Car Bag

Anyone in Miami Beach knows how dangerous hurricane season can be. Luxury-car owners are no exception. A waterproof Flood Guard Car Bag may be just the Christmas present to ease their hurricane-season anxieties. The bag easily fits a Genesis G70, protecting it from rising floodwaters, hard rains, and storm surges. If you need to buy your South Florida car junkie a gift for the holidays, this should do nicely.


Of course, if you really want to surprise someone this Christmas, give them the gift of Genesis. Visit your nearest Genesis car dealer for pricing on the new G70, G80, or G90 sedans. For those shopping in South Florida, visit Braman Genesis at 2001 NE 2nd Ave. We serve the entire Miami-Dade area.


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