Compare Genesis Sedans: Specs, Features & Prices

The best luxury car should offer a mix of premium features, high-end performance and world-class refinement. That sounds a lot like a Genesis sedan to us.

With several luxury sedan models on their roster, including the G70, G80 and all-new G90, Genesis has produced some of the finest vehicles in America - and they've accomplished this feat in just a few short years. Kudos.

Wondering which Genesis car to buy? Compare features, specs and prices for the Genesis G90, G80 and G70 models below. Contact Braman Genesis in Miami at (786) 574-3093 for a quote, to apply for an auto loan, or to request a test drive.


Where opulence meets practical, you'll find the stunning Genesis G70, a luxury sedan with a non-luxury price tag.

Unleash Your Wild Side

Sporty yet sophisticated, refined yet full of raw power, the new G70 is a game changer in the luxury car segment. Don't let the fact that it's a luxury sedan fool you. The G70 2.0T is a sports car that just happens to have four doors. If you're a performance enthusiast, you'll feel the responsiveness you crave from the 2.0L Turbo GDI 4-cylinder engine as it unleashes 252 horsepower through an 8-speed automatic gearbox - one that includes paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

In the new G70 3.3T, you'll command 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque from an all-aluminum 3.3L Twin-Turbo GDI V6. Advanced traction technologies help translate all of that power into elevated levels of performance.


Every component, down to the tightening force on each bolt, has been painstakingly tuned to get the most out of your G70, no matter which power plant is under its hood.

For starters, there's Launch Control, which helps minimize the G70's wheel spin for breathtaking acceleration and increased stability off the line. Available All Wheel Drive includes Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control, which utilizes inner rear-wheel braking for optimal traction and improved agility through corners.

Choose Sport or Sport+ on the 3.3T's Intelligent Drive Mode to engage sportier traction control settings and bring the Launch Control feature into play. Even in these elevated setups, the suspension feels supple - but with enough body control to boost your confidence around tight corners. Both drive modes also activate the G70's Variable Exhaust Valve System, which nets three additional horsepower and tunes the exhaust sound for a deep, throaty growl.

You can also manually adjust the engine's sonic effects using Active Sound Design technology, which enhances engine sounds with acoustics generated by the audio system. If just reading about it gives you goosebumps, imagine hearing it for yourself every time you pound that pedal.

Horizons Broadened


Open the door of your Genesis G70, and you'll enter a space where the design detail shows a level of refinement usually reserved for a luxury class above. You'll experience a meticulously crafted interior, one with "knurled" touch control knobs, heated and ventilated Nappa leather seats, an expansive sunroof, a dual automatic climate control system, and a 16-way power driver seat.

With a G70 at your disposal, you'll also have access to one of the best infotainment systems in the industry, which works in tandem with a new high-definition 10.25" touchscreen display. To make matters better, G70 also comes with an available Heads-up Display, transforming this luxury sedan into a flightless luxury jet.

It's clear that Genesis's engineers designed the G70 sedan with one goal in mind: To make sure every minute inside its cabin is time well spent. Did they accomplish their mission? Visit our Genesis dealership near Aventura to find out why we think the new G70 is one of the best luxury cars for the money.

2023 G70 2.0T RWD Specs

MSRP*: $39,150

Passenger Volume: 95.9 cu ft

Cargo/Trunk Volume: 10.5 cu ft

Headroom (front/rear): 39.8 in/36.9 in

Legroom (front/rear): 42.6 in/34.8 in

MPG (city/hwy): 21/31

Base Engine: 2.0L Turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder (252 hp/260 lb-ft torque)


The new G80, with its dynamic profile, minimalistic cabin and the most ergonomic seats money can buy, is effortlessly redefining the concept of luxury, one mile at a time.

A Harmonious Mix of Strength & Splendor

Inside the G80, Genesis Design has created an oasis of calm. What surrounds you isn't an overabundance of buttons, switches and controls, but a beautifully detailed space that reveals less can indeed be more. Each exquisite material is applied with minimalist restraint, forming surfaces that are pleasing to the touch and soothing to the eye.

G80's cabin isn't just visually calming. It's remarkably relaxing, too. Acoustic glass in the triple-sealed front doors helps block road and wind noise. The front seats make use of innovative climate controls like the available speed-sensitive seat cooling, and heating that lets the driver and front passenger adjust the balance of warmth between their seat cushion and seatback.

Smart Posture Care technology elevates your relaxation even further by setting the most ergonomic seating position after analyzing the driver's physical profile data. It automatically adjusts the driver seat and steering wheel positions, lumbar support, the outside mirror position and the available Heads-up Display. It's all about convenience, holmes.


What does a typical trip in the G80 feel like?

You press your G80 2.5T's accelerator pedal, and the response of its 300-hp turbocharged engine - the most potent 4-cylinder engine in its class - pushes you firmly into the luxurious driver's seat, which is deeply supportive thanks to an adjustable Power Bolster adjustment and Power Cushion.

Reach for the rotary Shift-by-Wire knob on the center console, and the knurled textures engraved around the edge of its tempered glass make an immediate impression. Shift from Park into Reverse or Drive, and the dial's illumination changes color.

An Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview uses the G80's forward-facing camera to scan the road ahead for speed bumps or potholes, then reacts instantly by adjusting front and rear damping to optimize ride comfort and handling control. You can manually adjust the ride setting for full control, too.

Still craving more control? The 3.5T Sport Prestige adds a Flexible Brake Mode that lets you change the brake response from Comfort to Sport. That's the thrill of precision.

Welcome to Your Sanctuary


Some of the G80's technology amplifies performance. Some, like an available Heads-up Display that projects critical driving information onto the windshield for at-a-glance updates, enhances your safety.

And some of its technology simply makes things easier. Activate Valet Mode, and you can use your smartphone to monitor your G80 while it's under a valet's care.

Some innovations are so advanced, you won't even know they are working in the background. Connected Routing displays navigation more accurately via the cloud. And with Over the Air Updates, your G80's head unit software is automatically updated without you having to lift (or swipe) a finger.

The G80 also houses some of the best "nice to have" automotive features in its class, like Remote Smart Parking Assist, a front wireless device charging slot, a 12-speaker Lexicon sound system, and an enormous 14.5" HD screen with premium, cloud-connected navigation.

Are you ready to experience life on a whole new level? Speak with your Genesis dealer to get a quote on a new G80 car for sale near you.

2023 G80 2.5T RWD Specs

MSRP*: $49,500

Passenger Volume: 103.8 cu ft

Cargo/Trunk Volume: 13.1 cu ft

Headroom (front/rear): 41.0 in/38.2 in

Legroom (front/rear): 42.2 in/38.7 in

MPG (city/hwy): 23/32

Base Engine: 2.5L Turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder (300 hp/311 lb-ft torque)


With the Genesis G90, you don't need to wait for the future to arrive-it's already here. Start shaping the world on your terms.

The Lap of Luxury Awaits

As the flagship sedan of Genesis, the G90 embodies substance as well as style. Advanced features like Dynamic Voice Recognition and Personalized Remote Start may have you asking whether Genesis is a car company or a tech company. The real question is: Why can't it be both?


When the press of a button on the handle unlocks the door of your G90, you enter an interior illuminated by your choice of ambient lighting colors. It's crafted from authentic materials like natural, open-pore ash and walnut burl wood trims with a soft matte finish.

From the moment you slip behind the steering wheel, the G90's standard 22-way Power Driver Seat communicates the car's premium qualities with conviction. It's paired with Smart Posture Care technology, which elevates your relaxation by setting the most ergonomic seating position based on an analysis of the driver's physical profile data. It also adjusts the steering wheel, outside mirror and Heads-up Display automatically.

Nappa leather covers the G90's seating surfaces. And that signature G-Matrix pattern? It's quilted into the seat cushions and seatbacks offered in your choice of five color combinations. The grilles for the Lexicon® Premium Audio System door speakers are stainless steel. And many of the switches on the instrument panel are chrome-plated.

In the G90 5.0 Ultimate, the rear cabin features a 12-way Left Rear Power Seat and 14-way Right Rear Power Seat. The right rear seat includes a One-Touch Relax Mode that reclines to your preferred seating position. Both seats also come with an integrated Memory System that, along with three-zone climate control and dual-screen entertainment systems, can be activated in the rear center console.

Experience Performance on a Higher Level

In the Genesis G90, power takes many forms. What's your preference - the 3.3T Premium model, with its responsive, fuel-efficient 365-hp Twin-Turbo V6? Or the 5.0 Ultimate, which uses a high-performance 420-hp V8 to own the road? Either way, power transfers to the pavement through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Of course, luxury sedan performance is not only about quantity - it's defined by the quality of the experience. Which is why the Genesis G90 features Intelligent Drive Mode with Smart Shift.

Select your preferred driving dynamic: Comfort, Sport, Eco or Custom. Each mode adapts the car's transmission mapping and throttle responsiveness, steering, suspension and available All Wheel Drive in real time to create a precisely personal driving experience. The Custom mode even includes a Rear Comfort setting that helps rear passengers feel more relaxed, especially during acceleration.

The G90's available All Wheel Drive delivers a rear-wheel-drive bias when road conditions are good. When conditions become slippery, it instantly transfers power to the wheels needing traction. As you are driving, data sensors linked to the G90's standard Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension are also reacting to the road surface, signaling your car's Continuous Damping Control to micro-adjust the shocks and preserve a smooth ride.

There's a whole lot more to the new Genesis G90. Speak with a Genesis dealer near you to get a quote or join the Genesis Priority One program and order a G90 sedan.

2022 G90 3.3T RWD Specs

Passenger Volume: 113.2 cu ft

Cargo/Trunk Volume: 15.7 cu ft

Headroom (front/rear): 41.1 in/38.0 in

Legroom (front/rear): 46.3 in/37.8 in

MPG (city/hwy): 17/24

Base Engine: 3.3L Twin-Turbo GDI V6 (365hp/376 lb-ft torque)

*MSRP excludes tax, title, license and destination charges. Destination charges may vary. Dealer sets actual price. Vehicles displayed may contain optional equipment at additional cost.