Cyber Monday: How to Get Good Deals on Gifts for Gearheads

Black Friday used to be the biggest shopping day in America. Now that honor belongs to Cyber Monday, as millions upon millions of shoppers trade their four-wheeled shopping carts for digital ones. Is it easier to shop on Cyber Monday? Absolutely—that's why so many have abandoned excursions to the mall on Black Friday. However, easier doesn't always mean easy. Follow these best practices and shopping tips to ensure you nab the best deal possible. (And check out our list of the holiday's top gifts for gearheads, too.)

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20 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips…

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Genesis & Miami Music Project: Making Beautiful Music Together

Aside from buying a new luxury car, what would you do with $100,000?

That question was posed by Genesis Motor Company as they awarded the Miami Music Project (MMP) a grant in the amount of $100k this August. Through the Genesis Motor America Foundation, Genesis’s own charitable organization that provides grants to support at-risk youth enrichment programs, the automaker is expecting Miami students to have free access to music classes for the next two years thanks to this grant.

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“Genesis is committed to inspiring ingenuity and creativity in children,” says Erwin Raphael, COO of Genesis...

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